Moving on to Real Life

— 2 minute read

Photo of all the graduates of the Aberystwyth University Computer Science Department, class of 2016.

It's only a weekend to go now until I start at the BBC in their Software Engineering Graduate Scheme in Manchester, and I'm really looking forward to it. All of us on the scheme are being sent to the White City offices in London on the first week for an induction, and then to the BBC Academy in the second week. I still have absolutely no idea where I'll be living in Manchester yet, but hopefully I'll have some idea soon!

But this time represents the end of a big era of my life. This is the end of my last ever summer holiday and my student status. Even my student card expired yesterday. No more shop discounts, because I'm not a poor student any more; just a poor adult instead[^1].

There's a lot of people from Aber who I'm going to miss. Particularly all of the mad people at the Comp Sci department. But it's their teaching, and the career skills pushing and the friendly and collaborative environment that's helped me technically and socially to get me where I am today. So thanks everyone. 😊

[^1]: It's not that bad really!